Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why I am cutting down on my daily chemical use:

About a year ago I started taking notice of the products I was using, and how many chemicals were in each one. I started researching products, to find what exactly these ingredients were, and I was pretty horrified at what I found out.

There are the extreme people out there that say some of the chemicals in our daily products are actually causing cancer, autism, causing nerve damage and so many more diseases. Then there it the other side, that claims these ingredients are perfectly safe, and we shouldn't worry.

Here's my take:

We haven't been using some of these chemicals and ingredients on our skin/lips/whatever for very long, so we actually don't know what they are doing. Our government doesn't require health studies or pre-market studies on personal care products which means we are the guinea pigs. Us. Our babies. THIS is a great article on why we should open our eyes a little bit.

All I know is it doesn't make any sense to be layering up chemical after chemical on our skin, when we really don't know what the end results will be. Our skin absorbs what we put onto it, and sometimes things can get into the blood stream. I don't like the idea of random things being in my blood stream. It seems like we have so many different new cancers and diseases, there has got to be something that we are doing that is causing it.

When I found the EWG's Skin Deep website, I found lots of good info and it has helped me in my search for "cleaner" products. At first I freaked out and wanted to dump all my products, but then I realized that wasn't probably the best (and cheapest) idea. Now when I run out of a product, I search for a better alternative.

Maybe it's the hippie side of me, but this just feels better. I feel like I want to do all that I can to keep my babies safe and healthy, and I need to do all I can to learn and educate myself on the products I am using, food we are eating and even the immunizations I am giving my kids.

There is still the other side of me that loves me some McDonalds, candy, a nice deep chemical peel, and fake boobs, but  I try. :-) I think it's all about moderation. I started using Coconut oil for my lotion, but the thought of getting rid of my Victorias Secret Amber Romance lotion made me super sad. I still use my yummy smelling stuff, but I just don't lather it on my whole body. I just rub a little on my arms or legs occasionally so I still get the smell. I am definitely more careful with what I am putting on my babies then myself.

I think it's all about what's doing what you feel is best for your family, and digging a little for information. Don't just go off of what we are told.

The bottom line: The less chemicals the better. For me and my family I am trying to go as natural as possible. I am not even close to being as clean in my products (and especially food) as i'd like to be, but I think over time I can get there. For me it's not about going completely chemical free, just cutting down where I can. I also prefer cheap and convenient  so I try and find things that won't break the bank, and I can find without jumping through hoops.

Did that answer your question Darci :-)

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Holly said...

I do believe that chemicals are causing a huge decline in our health. Like you said, all this processes stuff hasn't been around for that long so we don't know that much about it. But incidences of autism, mental illness, cancer, etc. are on the rise and it makes sense that it could be cause by long term exposure to all the chemicals. Obviously we were really meant to use our surroundings, our environment for our needs- natural stuff. But almost nothing we have today is natural. Anyway, I'm not an extremist. I still use all these products because in society today it is only practical. I do believe it is and will have a profound effect.