Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have been a bit obsessive lately with brows and how they totally can make or break somebody's look. A good eyebrow can really frame your face and highlight your eyes. A bad eyebrow does just the opposite. I've had some interesting eyebrow shapes over the years, but with the help of an amazing aesthetician they are finally looking much better!

The new trend in eyebrows is thick and more natural looking, a look which I absolutely love. Your brows should accentuate your face, not steal the show.

So here are some general tips that will help your brows be beautiful:

Get them done professionally  Seriously, keeping the tweezers away from my mirror has made my brows look so much better. You can do a little clean up, but go once a month and have them shaped. Go to somebody who understands what you are looking for, and who has plenty of experience.

Add a little color. I am a natural blonde, so my eyebrows are super light. Adding a little color makes them stand out.

Here is a very general map for brows. Everybody is different, so obviously this isn't for everyone, but it's a good starting point for most people. You should shape your brows naturally and don't try to make an arch where there isn't one naturally. Everybody's faces are different, so there shouldn't be a standard brow - one size fits all kinda deal.

Use a brush with wax or clear mascara to hold your brows in place for the day. Lots of brow pencils now have wax in them, or on the other side that helps hold the little hairs in place.

Don't panic if you over pluck or wax. The hair will grow back. If you are worried grab some Latisse from your doc and apply it daily. Your brows will be back in no time.

- Stop the uni-brow. I have noticed this is kind of trend lately and I hate it.What's acceptable on the fashion runway is sometimes not appropriate for the everyday look.

bad brows

good brows

That's all I got for today. Happy Monday!


Carley said...

"I can't control my eyebrow!!!!!" Hahaha love that you put Tierra on here. Hahaha

Bethany Lee said...

Great tips as always!